Recall Governor Brad Little

Restore Liberty to Idaho

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Print the petition if you live in a rural area and cannot find a petition near you, or if you would like to sign your friends & family.

Circulating through your church is an excellent way to help!

If you live in a populated area, please connect with a team in your area – we work together at events and in neighborhoods. Little needs to go!

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  • Charity ~ 208-651-0599
  • Jennifer ~ 208-304-8357
  • Erin ~ 208-771-5172​

Petition Signing Instructions

  1. Please print on 20# paper or better, preferably legal size paper 8.5″x14″, double sided (the instructions are on the back side). 
  2. When printing, be sure that printer settings are landscape orientation and are such that no lines or writing are cut off any edge of the page.
  3. Do not write anything in the affidavit section at the bottom until you are sitting with a notary, except the line for “county all the signers of this sheet reside in”. This line should be filled in as soon as it is established which county the first signer resides in.
  4. Only one county per petition sheet. Use separate petitions for different counties.  All sheets are submitted to the Idaho SOS at the same time, then transferred to each county clerk for verification. The clerks will only receive sheets with their county name on them, so it’s very important that voters sign their own county’s petition sheet.
  5. You must oversee each signature yourself, then have the pages notarized. Please find a free notary at your bank or credit union.
  6. Return to the recall organizing team. You can bring completed sheets to a signing location near you -or- you can certify mail with signature upon delivery to Charity Myser P.O. Box 1479, Post Falls, ID 83877-1479

Prefer to visit a signing venue instead?

Government can not grant to us, nor revoke from us, our unalienable Rights bestowed upon us by our Creator - those being Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

  • We have a right to engage in commerce!
  • We have a right to assemble!
  • We have a right to free exercise of our religion!
  • We have a right to due process!
  • We have a right to petition for a redress of grievances!
  • We have a right to protection from unreasonable search & seizures!
statue of liberty

Governor Little has abused our rights and liberty in the most egregious manner.

The time to look to our elected representatives for recourse is over. They have been silenced and ignored by the executive branch.  We the People are resolved to return the power of governing back to the people of Idaho. Ronald Reagan’s statement holds true, “We the People tell the government what to do; it doesn’t tell us.”

We have 2 choices as free citizens: surrender Liberty or defend Liberty.  We must stand united and use our right to recall Little before it is too late!  Little’s unilateral actions have damaged our businesses, families and communities on every level.  He continues to hold all of Idaho under his thumb, refusing to end his emergency order that has no expiration, refusing to convene the legislature, withholding funds from the unemployed he put out of work, spending 1.25 billion dollars however he wishes and coercing businesses before “allowing” them partial re-opening abilities. He states “Idaho is open” but fails to disclose that the majority of open business are not allowed to function at full capacity. Idaho is not open or free while Little remains governor.

Demand for Recall

Therefore, we demand that Governor Brad Little be recalled by the registered electors of Idaho for the following reasons. He has abused the trust of the citizens of Idaho by willfully ignoring our grievances and turning a deaf ear to our representatives. Governor Little’s unilateral actions have irrevocably damaged our financial stability, cherished freedoms and trust in our system of government.

Our neighbors, family and friends were treated as second class citizens, termed “non essential” and forced out of their jobs and businesses. Arbitrary orders and rules were inflicted on the whole of the citizenry. Citizens of Idaho were told to comply with directives that had no rationale. Our unalienable Rights bestowed by our Creator to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness were deemed inconsequential and overridden for the illusion of public safety. Governor Little colluded with politicians outside the State of Idaho instead of governing in partnership with the Idaho Legislature, the Lt. Governor and City Mayors. He has shown himself to be arrogant in power.

The citizens of Idaho deserve a humble public servant, who understands the role of government is to protect our Constitutional rights, not our public health. It is the right of the individual to determine, through informed consent, what is best for their health and safety.

Get your Recall Swag to show your support!

Recall Governor Little Official Decal

These are 3.75″ x 6″ and die cut from exterior grade vinyl, available in white, black, and red. You can place them on your car, water bottle, laptop, or any other clean smooth surface you take with you in public. These are meant to be seen!

You will be taken to the vendor website to make your purchase.

Mens and ladies shirts — $18 – $22.00

You will be taken to the vendor website to make your purchase.

recall governor little yard sign

Recall Governor Little Yard Sign

Signs are 24″ x 18″, double-sided.

$15/each, minimum order of 30 signs.

Stakes are an additional $1.50.

You will be taken to the vendor website to contact them to make your purchase. Online shopping not available.

I Signed the Little Recall Official Sticker

People are proud to sign the recall petition. Give them a sticker so they can show the world the want a better Idaho and to spread awareness of this cause. 

This listing is for a batch of 100 stickers approximately 1.5″ around.

You will be taken to the vendor website to make your purchase.

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